2014 could prove to be one of your most social years on record, Sag! The isolation you endured in 2013 is finally coming to an end. Nothing is more unbearable to your free-bird soul than the feeling of being sequestered! Luckily, 2014 proves to be just the opposite. If anything, you'll be craving a retreat by the end of the year just to recover from the non-stop mixing and mingling. There's so much emphasis on your house of groups, friendships and long-term goals that you'll happily be back in the ambitious saddle this year. You live for goals, challenges and aiming sky-high. This is your year to totally push past every limit imaginable. You'll even surprise yourself with how resourceful you can be. Plus, you've got so much support from friends, family and colleagues that you cannot possibly lose.

The emphasis is on your friendships and allies this year. You've never needed or appreciated the help of your friends more than you will in 2014. The beauty and brilliance of this year is how your tribe will faithfully come through for you again and again. There's nothing more valuable. Friends and community are your saving grace and source of endless celebration. This is also one of the best years on record to gather together your favorite like-minded people to accomplish greatness. It doesn't matter whether you rally for business, creativity, spirituality or all of the above. The point is to congregate. There is crazy strength in numbers this year, so work those connections!

Your money situation looks incredibly bright in 2014, thanks to the ongoing influence of lucky Jupiter in your house of other people's money all the way through July. You can ask for big loans and other forms of financial support and investments that would normally seem a bit daunting or unrealistic. Take bigger risks without throwing yourself into crazy debt because Saturn is still asking you to put the brakes on owing too much to others. This is a year for building not depleting your bank accounts, and considering the surging levels of creativity you're about to experience, you'll have no problem manifesting all that you want. Finally, travel looks spectacular starting this summer when your auspicious ruling planet (Jupiter) moves into your zone of long-distance adventure until the end of the year. You're lucky jet-setting streak kicks in full force by July.

Sagittarius Love

Your friendship and romance zones are getting hit hard by this year's eclipse patterns speeding up your evolution when it comes to understanding the connection between romance and friendship. The key is to put more romance into your friendships and more friendship into your love life in 2014. The North Node of the Moon is putting the emphasis on partnering with your friends. You're being directed to put more energy into understanding the dynamics that help create more balance with friends, colleagues and allies, which may require less energy spent focused on romantic desires and problems. The South Node of the Moon shows what your are releasing, and it will be transiting your zone of romance for most of the year. This doesn't mean you have to kiss your love life goodbye, it just means you'll thrive if you make it less of an obsessive priority than you have in past years. The irony is that the more you focus on your friendships and long-term goals, the better and more spontaneous your love life will be.

Your super-lucky governing planet (Jupiter) continues to grace your sex sector for the first half of 2014. This should bring ample opportunities to express your deepest, sexiest life force. Intimate connections prove to be incredibly nurturing during the first part of the year. The second half of the year brings together travel and romance when Jupiter moves into your sector of long-distance travel. Not only will you have the good graces to roam the globe, but if you're single there's a good chance you could meet someone special along the way.

Saturn, the planet of testing and commitment, continues his tour of your house of dreams, retreat and imagination. This means that you may be craving more intimacy with yourself and your own inner world than getting lost in the needs and dramas of another. Even if you're already entrenched in a serious commitment, you may still be craving more solitude and time to focus inwardly for one more year. You're preparing for an entirely new and improved approach to yourself, life and relationships in general that will kick off in 2015 when Saturn crosses over your sign, Sag.

Sagittarius Career

2014 is all about who you know, Sag, and luckily you'll be bombarded by the enthusiasm and support of friends and colleagues all year long. The biggest theme is on social networking, so don't underestimate the power of connecting. Always carry your business cards with you, and rarely turn down a party invite this year. Doors are pretty much guaranteed to fly open via friends. Just use your sparkling and contagious enthusiasm to get others interested in rallying for your current cause. You'll be thrilled at how people want nothing more than to support you in your professional ventures in 2014. Your ruler (Jupiter) will be showering you with the generosity of other people's money all year long. It's easy to garner loans and other sources of investors throughout the first half of the year, so don't be afraid to ask for help. It's only once every 12 years that you have this kind of superb planetary financial backing in your Eighth House of other people's money.

The planet ruling money (Venus) starts off the year retrograding in your financial zone, which could throw your banking into a bit of chaos. Not to worry though, this will quickly improve after January. Use the opening of the 2014 as a course corrector to your money patterns for the rest of the year. Just vow to pay close attention to your banking details (as tedious as that may feel) and try to conserve your spending as much as you can until the storm passes in February. The rest of the year looks quite splendid in terms of financial abundance, so you have nothing to worry about. Long-distance travel and career opportunities could be synonymous starting in July. You'll have the good fortune of Jupiter moving into your house of jet-setting and expansion starting this summer for a whole year, bringing you opportunities to broaden your horizons -- both personally and professionally. Overall, 2014 looks totally rockin' for taking your long-range goals and group affiliations to the next level.

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