All of your hard work is totally paying off in 2014, Gemini! The rewards started trickling in throughout 2013, but the real windfall of success is still yet to come. This is the year of perseverance and pay-off. Plus, the super lucky money spree that began late last year continues in 2014. Take advantage of the first six months of the year to work the generous influence of Jupiter in your money zone. The bounty that started last July will continue all the way until summer, so stash some of this awesome surplus for potential rainy days down the road.

Perhaps, the best news of the year is the dramatic shift from work to play. Instead of focusing the majority of your time and energy on projects and the daily grind, you're now feeling desperately inclined to devote more of your waking hours to creativity and romantic pursuits. The North Node of Fate is finally leaving your work zone and backing up into your house of love, starting this February. This puts the emphasis on the people, places and things you adore most. The desires of your heart take priority this year. Think of 2014 as a chance to live out your second (or third) childhood, Gemini! Your creativity is sure to skyrocket in a way that you haven't experienced in close to 20 years. This isn't to say that you won't still be hard at work, but you will realize that it's just as important to make time for love and leisure.

Communication, travel and learning become major areas of interest and opportunities for expanding your income in 2014. Watch how your travel schedule is suddenly jam-packed from July onward. You thrive when you're exploring new places, so this should feel like a welcome gift from the universe. Plus, your legendary curiosity reaches new heights as you're suddenly struck with the strong desire to dabble in as many new areas of interest as possible. Just don't spread your busy little self so thin that you lose sight of your top priorities!

Gemini Love

Your love life takes a destined turn this year, Gemini. The North Node will move into your house of love and romance this February and spend the remainder of the year there. The desire for partnership could feel surprisingly overwhelming, turning your free-spirited ways upside down. If you're already committed, this could be a renaissance in your relationship where pleasure and romance become the essentials. If you're still a free agent, you may be shocked by your sudden need to go straight from dating to mating. In any case, this year promises to bring serious lessons in love and partnering. You're about to learn the whole art of compromise and putting the needs of your beloved before your own when necessary. The whole give-and-take balance can be a tricky issue, but if anyone can master and juggle the impossible, it's you Gemini.

Commitment is a theme in all areas of your life in 2014, and romance is no exception. Saturn is asking you to get serious about your sexuality and how you direct your life force in general. As much as you love to flit and flirt, you'll gain more if you go deeper with just one person. Even if this feels like it goes against your fickle essence, you'll be surprised at how satisfying and fulfilling it can be to just stick it out even when the going gets tough or the tough gets boring. The bigger rewards come from staying put and working through the rough patches rather than jumping ship and looking for something lighter and easier. Although that may prove to be an alluring quick fix, in your heart of hearts some part of you knows that it's just another escape hatch and will only leave you lonely in the end. Try not to give in to what's comfortable this year because the real magic happens when you go beyond what's familiar and safe.

Gemini Career

All work and no play was turning Gemini into one cranky camper last year. But not to worry, that level of burnout is so 2013. This doesn't mean you'll suddenly turn into a hedonistic slacker, but you will remember why you've been working so hard in the first place. Work is the means; love, money and security are the ends. You're learning the art of working smarter instead of harder by getting just the right people to help you out so that you can delegate some of your more time-consuming tasks and reclaim your lost social life. The beautiful news is that in 2014, you'll find just the right balance between ambition and leisure. You'll be approaching everything creatively in your professional world in 2014. Your goal is to bring more streamlined loveliness into all facets of production next year.

Be sure to take advantage of the ongoing lucky influence of Jupiter in your money house all the way through until July, Gemini. This is the best time to take risks in order to expand your earning potential. Think big -- and think bigger picture! If you've been limiting yourself to just plugging along and trying to make ends meet over the past few years, Jupiter has come to assist you in expanding your moneymaking horizons. Chances are, there are many opportunities you've been overlooking or just too busy to incorporate into your current career plans. But now is the time to really dream large-scale.

During the second half of 2014, Jupiter will leave your money house and move into your zone of learning and education. If there are new areas of interest that you know could increase your skill set and marketability, by all means jump on them. Any investment in furthering your knowledge proves to be extremely lucrative, so don't be afraid to take the time and resources necessary to make that happen. You'll also be learning a ton through your every day experiences, and luck can happen through chance encounters with strangers, neighbors and potentially even siblings.

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