The intensity continues, Scorpio! You've been through quite a ride in 2013 and you're very clear that change is the only constant. With all of the trials and tribulations endured, you're certainly stronger than ever. The metaphor of the Phoenix rising from the ashes (often associated with your sign) could not be more apropos this year. You've let go of so much during the last year and now you're preparing for a major rebirth. After shedding layers upon layers and ancient attachments, you're ready for the new. This is your year to get crystal clear on what you're most passionate about and commit to it in the deepest way possible. You are an all-or-nothing sign to begin with, and this is a year when you simply must embrace your all-encompassing nature. You want to live life to the fullest, even if that means going to hell and back. It's what keeps you feeling on fire and stretched to your max. You want to know that you're growing and facing your deepest fears and insecurities, and coming back stronger for having done so. This is exactly where you're at when 2014 kicks in.

You've got both Saturn and the North Node of Fate in your constellation again this year, creating a powerful feeling of destiny. The North Node will move out of your stars in March, so you may be concluding a powerful evolutionary chapter around this time around intimacy and commitment fears. You're about to then enter a phase where you're being asked to look inward and reflect on the relationship you have with yourself, Scorpio. Put all of those hard lessons you survived in 2013 via your love life to the test by closely examining the relationship you have with yourself. How do you treat Number One?

With Saturn continuing to push you to your highest level of growth and maturity, you're feeling tested on a daily basis. Although this might be quite a grueling experience as Saturn can create a feeling of isolation or separation, you're being given the gift of finding out what you're really made of. When you no longer have external sources of support that are totally reliable, do you turn inward to your own resources or continue to focus on the disappointment? The test is to let go of any bitterness and just strengthen from within, Scorpio.

Scorpio Love

You've been through the romantic ringer during the past few years, Scorpio! At this point you're just ready to land somewhere safe and sound -- preferably in the arms of a solid and loving partner! You're craving stability and security like mad, but you're starting to learn that the real rootedness you seek is within. No more giving your power away -- been there, done that! You're becoming a total tower of strength, and that is damn sexy to potential partners (or if you're already committed, to your current beloved.) In any case, you're still being tested on your devotion and tolerance levels in romantic relationships. Intimacy is what you most desire, Scorpio, but that doesn't come easily while Saturn is still rocking your stars. You've got to face all of your demons -- and then some -- if you want your relationship to survive and deepen.

Mars (your ruling planet) is going to be in the sign of relationships for the entire first half of the year, putting a major emphasis on partnering. Mars shows where and how we direct our energy. So while Mars spends an unusually long time in the sign of harmony and coupling, your focus is going to be on finding the beauty and balance with significant others. In March, Mars will go retrograde until May, asking you to revisit old relationship patterns. There's a huge emphasis on peace, equality and negotiation. Mars is not a happy camper in the sign of Libra because it feels compromised to assert its will, and thus passive-aggressive measures could take over. It's harder to be direct with your beloved this year because of the emphasis on harmony and cooperation. You're afraid to rock the boat. The plus side is that you're learning to see the point of view of your partners before demanding that you have it your way or the highway. The downside is that you're feeling like you can't directly assert what you want or need as things come up, which could lead to later explosions that totally blindside your partner. Not to worry, Scorpio. In July you'll be back in your fiery power as Mars enters his home turf until September.

Scorpio Career

You've totally got the good graces of Jupiter working some serious magic in your career zone in 2014. You are a fortress of money-generating power. Plus you're more determined to stay on top of your debt than ever before -- even if that means working yourself to the bone. You have the gift of maximizing your resources and connections with powerful people and marveling at how quickly your good fortune expands. This is one of those rare times when people practically want to throw money in your lap. Although you're just as lucky when it comes to getting loans, you may want to opt out as Saturn in Scorpio asks you to remain debt free. But don't worry -- you'll still have all the financial support you need with Jupiter blessing your career zone starting in July.

Keep your heart and arms wide open and graciously receive. This is easier said than done as you pride yourself on being super self-reliant. But others are coming to your support. You can return the favor in the summer when your money is flowing and you've finally got a little extra cash to spare. You love lavishing your friends, colleagues and lovers with decadent gifts. Your imagination is getting fired up with Mars spending the entire first half of the year in your dream zone. Pay close attentions to the messages, symbols and images that show up in both your waking and dream state. You're doing some of your best work while unconscious in preparation for the major surge that begins this summer when Mars fires up your stars!

Starting this summer, you'll have Jupiter blessing the top of your horoscope, which is an excellent indicator of big-scale success. Next, this fall you'll have Mars powering up your money zone, bringing all the energy and ambition you need to generate greater income. You're thinking about ways to expand your horizons financially during the latter half of the year and have the awesome backing of Jupiter all year long to make your biggest dreams a reality. Go way beyond your normal concept of success and push the limits on what you think is possible. You'll happily surprise yourself with the enormity you're truly capable of, Scorpio!

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