If you've been a sad and solo Libra, fear not; relationships take ridiculously high precedence in 2014! You surely will not be alone. If you're already hitched, expect a series of mind-blowing lessons and non-stop insight in the realms of romance and long-term commitment. This is your year to uncover and break through any codependent patterns once and for all. If you've been struggling with commitment issues (what Libra, doesn't?) you will have tremendous support from Saturn and the Nodes of Fate to keep you from your usual fence sitting. The big shift takes place in March when the North Node of Fate moves into your constellation triggering a series of very fated, life-altering events and destined relationships that will unfold over the next few years. All of your relationships (not just romantic) will be radically transformed, as will you. The themes of balance, justice, and beauty will be all consuming starting in March when the North Node moves into Libra. You'll feel right in your element as others will also be learning all about the art of diplomacy and compromise with you for a change. Life is about to feel infinitely sweeter in 2014.

Jupiter continues to bring luck and bounty to your career zone during the first half of the year, so take full advantage of this fortunate influence while its hot. The attention and accolades that began last year will continue to take you and your professional status to the next level. If you've been hemming and hawing about how to put yourself out there in the world, this is your year to decide and go for it! No more excuses, Libra -- you've got way too many gorgeous gifts to share. Plus, you definitely do no want to miss this amazing opportunity that comes only once every 12 years. After July, you'll have the same lucky bonus in your house of goals and long-term plans and ambition. This will just strengthen the success that started last summer.

Your social life is about to explode with more networking opportunities and party invites than you will know what to do with, Libra. Starting this summer your friends and social zone are highlighted for the next twelve months. The people you meet will seem like angels and kindred spirits. Your playful and childlike nature is accentuated during this time and life is just filled with fun and pleasure. Your creativity is top notch this year as well because you're feeling more passionate and driven than you have felt in ages. This is definitely a year for many splendid things. Libra!

Libra Love

This is the year to take your love life to the next level, Libra. Even if you've been married forever, refuse to take your relationship for granted. If you're single, this is your year to get serious. If you're wavering about commitment, this is the time to make up your mind and stick to your guns. In any case, relationships will be the priority if not the obsession in 2014. In fact, it may be hard to focus on anything else after March comes, so you may want to get as much non-relationship business out of the way during the first two months of the year.

The year kicks off with your ruling planet of love (Venus) in retrograde, sending you on a nostalgic trip through relationships past. You can use the first two months of the year to really review your past patterns in partnering. Look at what worked and what didn't, and make any necessary adjustments in preparation for your next big commitment phase starting in March. You've had the opportunity to break through loads of relationship blocks and outworn patterns in the past couple of years with the assistance of Uranus in your house of partnerships. And now that you're finally free of the old ways, you can really take a fresh approach to love and relating.

You're the romantic of the zodiac, Libra, but commitment is often another issue. You're letting go of any love-'em-and-leave-'em defenses as the planets push you to get super serious about your relationships. You often like to keep one foot out the door just in case you change your mind (even if your beloved has no idea you're still going back and forth internally) but that can often due more damage to your love life than you realize. You'll be uprooting these fickle patterns and realizing how they've only served to sabotage your relationships in the past. You're ready for something real and lasting now -- even if it requires hard work!

Libra Career

Your career continues to explode off the charts, Libra! Lucky Jupiter started bringing you the goods for success, opportunities galore and perhaps even a bit of fame. This awesome abundance continues in 2014 -- especially during the first half of the year. Ride the wave of fabulousness, dear. You so deserve it! Some may have accused you of being lazy in the past, but your own sweet rhythm gets the job done in your own time. Others are finally starting to see that you work quietly behind the scenes in your own relaxed but productive fashion. You just don't appear as stressed out as others. But now you're ready to put yourself out there and on the map in a major way.Saturn continues to teach you some powerful lessons around money and value. Consider him your ally not your enemy because you are totally starting to see how important it is to create a budget and stick to it in order to take your dreams and goals to the next notch. Saturn is helping you to restructure the way you work with money in general, and allowing you not to waste your time or resources -- and that's worth a million, Libra! The key is to make sure you're only spending time and money on things you deem precious in your life. Make a list of your values and then make a list of where you money is going and see if these things line up. If not, make any necessary adjustments throughout the course of 2014 and you'll adore the results!

Overall, the career outlook could not look better for you this year, Libra. You're totally on top of your game and being recognized for the beauty you bring into the world of others. All of your hard work over the past 12 years is paying off. In July, your career focus will shift toward long-term goals. If you haven't already, make a list of everything you would like to achieve in your career over the next 5 to 10 years. If that feels too far into the future, do it anyway. You'll be amazed at how it puts your current plans and priorities into proper perspective.

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