Are you ready to have your world of romance, creativity and relationships totally rocked, Aries? This year focuses so heavily on all themes related to your love life and integrating your opposite polarity (Libra). Get ready for a serious indoctrination on beauty, peace and justice. 2014 promises to deliver endless opportunities to perfect your skills in being the best lover and partner you can possibly be. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your authentic, individual Fire-warrior spirit, but it does mean you're about to learn the art of compromise in a colossal way. Starting in March, the Nodes of Fate will move into your stars right before your birthday, preparing you for a new cycle focused on the ever-elusive balance between 'self' and 'other'. You may feel you are still shedding old aspects of your personality that no longer serve you or your partnerships -- but the payoff is so worth it. You're a true romantic at heart, ever in search of a truly beautiful and harmonious partnership, and this year just might be the year you get to truly live and experience this like never before. Speaking of love, another major bonus arrives just in time for summer when lucky Jupiter moves into your sector of romance and pleasure for a year.

Your ruling planet, Mars, starts off the year applying added fuel to your relationship zone and continues to work this part of your horoscope for an unusually extended stay (until July). You'll be highly motivated to put more work and energy into making your partnerships as equal and harmonious as possible. The first half of the year will ask you to really conserve your energy and avoid unnecessary battles. There are so many lessons surrounding peace, diplomacy and grace that you may wonder what happened to your Fire. Not to worry, it will be back in the summer with a sexy vengeance when Mars moves into Scorpio and ignites your house of intimacy and transformation through the rest of the year.

The Nodes of Fate have a huge impact on your relationship world starting in February and lasting until the end of the year. There's a fated feeling around all new encounters, whether romantic or business. If you're still single, don't be surprised if a very important merger begins to form early this spring (if not sooner). The next few years have plenty to teach you in terms of the whole give-and-take ratio in relationships. You may have to drop any fears you have about losing your autonomy or free-agent status in order to hunker down with a steady partner. What if you could have the best of both worlds, Aries? A loving partner who supports you in being your best blazing beautiful self? Yes, you can have it all!

Aries Love

This year could definitely go down as the one to remember when it comes to love and partnerships. You're being called to relinquish any impulsive tendencies in exchange for a more lasting and harmonious union with a true partner. So instead of indulging in a string of sexy love affairs, the cosmos is urging you to experience the harder but ultimately more rewarding work of long-term commitment. By no means does this mean you must sacrifice the excitement or the fire. In fact, it's just the opposite. Once you have the solid foundation of a balanced and committed partnership, it can easily lay the groundwork for some of the most passionate intimacy of your life. The only difference is that you will go deeper with one person instead of the more experimental influence of the past few years that may have had you resisting anything steady.

The Nodes of the Moon (also called the Nodes of Fate) will shift into your sign and your relationship zone respectively (Aries-Libra) this February and stay there for the remainder of the year. This brings an extremely fated quality to the whole dating and mating scene. You're being asked to shift your focus and attention from 'I, me, mine' to accommodating and considering the needs of the other. This may feel totally against your grain in the beginning, but there's so much wisdom and potential rounding out of your personality through these lessons in compromise that you'll soon gladly embrace the other side.

Jupiter moves into your house of romance in July and will continue to bring you all the luck and goodness you need in the pleasure department. You can enjoy this influence until the end of the year. You'll definitely feel a fiery boost as Jupiter will be in fellow Fire sign Leo during the latter half of the year. You'll be less wrapped up in family concerns and feel an abundance of joy and play. You haven't experienced this kind of pure childlike fun in 12 years. Enjoy!

Aries Career

The year starts off with the influence of Venus retrograding in your career zone for the month of January. If you've wanted to rework your image, mission statement or just reintroduce more creativity into your career, this is the year to do it, Aries! It's time to bring more sweetness and beauty to your brand. Get an early start because Venus goes direct in February. In fact, the first quarter of the year is ideal for putting some extra love into your work. This is not a year to procrastinate because the stars want to most strongly support your projects from the get-go and start to lose steam later in the year when pleasure becomes a higher priority.

Pluto, the god of transformation and power continues to work your career zone in 2014. This is a slow building influence (2008-2023) that requires much releasing of your old concepts around status and worldly success. Now that you're five years into this evolutionary trajectory, you're starting to get the hang of the whole destroy-to-rebuild theme. You've spent a considerable amount of energy over the past few years pondering and psychoanalyzing what your deeper purpose is here on Earth and the mark you ultimately want to leave on this world. Now that the Pluto-Uranus war is dying down, you have a chance to integrate your pioneering spirit with the need to build something lasting.

Pluto will go retrograde in your house of career between April and September, giving you a chance to peel away another layer of whatever hasn't been working so well. You have many opportunities to revamp your whole approach to your life's work this year, so don't be afraid to make some big changes. The planets are totally supporting you to bring more depth, creativity and passion to your professional world and all long-term projects in 2014. All you have to do is crack the code and commit to what your greatest passion is. No more settling for second best, Aries. Never forget your trailblazing nature!

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