You're still riding high as lucky Jupiter continues his generous tour through your stars in 2014. Maximize this amazing good fortune for the first six months of the year before Jupiter moves on to your neighboring sign of Leo in July. Don't fear that all of your luck will run dry when Jupiter leaves Cancer. The good news is that starting in July you'll have the benefit of the big planet working on your money house for a year. If you've been waiting for a windfall in your finances, watch how drastically your money situation improves starting this summer. Your confidence has been on the rise since last year, and the increase in self-esteem is about to pay off in myriad ways, Cancer. Yes, you've officially come out of your shell and now you're in high demand, baby!

The focus on intense relationship karma continues in 2014, Cancer. At this point you're probably feeling like you've had enough drama to last an entire lifetime. Saturn and Pluto are still working hard on your love and partnership zones respectively over the next year, asking you to commit to working on your own psychological issues while working on the relationship. The two are mutually independent now. You're realizing that you can no longer simply afford to blame the other if you're not happy with the state of the relationship.

Furthermore, after learning some very challenging lessons about navigating power dynamics, you're feeling more humbled and clear about your own personal boundaries. Integrity has and will continue to be a major theme for the long haul, so consider yourself a divine work-in-progress. More and more you're seeing how important it is for you to author your own life and live by the rules that you set for yourself rather than judgments and expectations of others. You're starting to really master the subtle workings of knowing your limits and asking for what you need without sounding needy. First, you're getting clear about who you are and what is essential to make your life flourish. And then second, you're learning how to ask directly and clearly for exactly that. No more whining or beating around the bush, Cancer. You're too good for that!

Cancer Love

Your love life is a major focus again this year, with two of the heavyweight planets working for your relationship cause. Pluto and Saturn are demanding deep commitment and integrity. This is not a time to date lightly, Cancer. If you've been struggling with the whole question of long-term versus short-term viability, this is the time to think duration. It's been a hard road of having to face your own shadow in relationships. Everything that irritates you about your beloved is pointing a glaring mirror right in your own face. Although this may feel highly painful during the process, trust that it's so worth the potential for insight and wisdom about yourself. The reason you're able to endure such an intense confrontation with yourself and your own demons now is that you've got the power of love on your side. Are you ready to explore every nook and cranny of your personality and what others trigger in you? Of course you are!

Finding harmony and peace of mind in your relationships (especially with family members) will require the majority of your attention and energy in 2014. The North Node of Fate shifts into the sign of beauty and balance early in the year, urging you to focus on where you need more equilibrium in your life. Of course this will require tempering some extremes, but the graceful flow that follows is worth it. If there are any hidden selfish tendencies that have a way of destroying the beauty of your connections, this is the year to weed them out and learn the art of compromise. You have a tendency to be the emotional caretaker in your family, but this year you're being asked to work on balancing that out by taking better care of yourself. It might feel selfish at first, but you'll soon realize this actually allows you to have more to give. Establishing clear and firm boundaries with those who might take advantage of your emotional generosity is another important lesson of the year. Every relationship and love lesson will be a profound opportunity to come home to yourself this year, Cancer. That's what it's all about for you in 2014: One big homecoming!

Cancer Career

Your worldly life and professional dreams should still feel incredibly blessed in 2014. Having the support of Jupiter in your stars backing your biggest hopes and dreams isn't shabby. You'll be working that influence most strongly during the first half of the year right up to your birthday until the big guy moves on to your money zone in July. At that point, you'll be moving the focus from building your self-esteem and public image to dreaming about how to double, if not triple, your earning potential. Jupiter brought much wisdom about polishing your personal image and working your brand, and now you're ready to cash in on all of that knowledge.

You may be experiencing a bit of an inner tug of war as the Nodes of Fate pull between your domestic and career zones. The domestic loving side of your nature is fighting with the ambitious side. The North Node in Libra at the base of your horoscope is asking to spend more time with yourself in the quest for more balance. The South Node in your career zone may be vying for more of your efforts towards pushing your goals to the next level. If you take care of yourself, your family and strive toward greater overall balance, your career will automatically flourish as a result. This is easier said than done, of course, but if anyone can find a way to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, it's you, Moon child!

Continue to be highly selective in your choice of colleagues this year, Cancer. If you're going to be investing your hard energy, heart and trust, then you have to be sure to put your potential ally to the test. Do you share the same values? Can you trust their integrity? Do they have a proven track record? Does your association with this person lift you up or would you be compromising your image by working with them? These are the kinds of questions to ask yourself over the duration of 2014, especially before committing to any long-term commitments.

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