Your star is about to rise and shine in 2014, Leo. Are you ready for an amazing spell of luck? This summer, the planet of fame and fortune (Jupiter) moves into your stars, catapulting you to the rock star status you so desire and so deserve! Use the first half of the year to prepare on an inner level because the second half is going to explode beyond your wildest imagination. You're dance card will be so beyond full, it'll leave you very little time to keep up with yourself. Leo, you're about to enter a cycle of goodness that only comes around once every 12 years, so prepare to party and live large like the royalty you are!

Watch your words in 2014! It's nearly impossible to avoid extremes this year, and yet you'll be forced to temper some of your more dramatic verbal forms of expression as the North Node of fate moves into your communication zone. Get ready to learn the art of diplomacy and compromise in order to keep the flow between you and your loved ones. This doesn't mean you're not entitled to your strong opinions, Leo. Nor does it mean you have to sacrifice the headstrong power you're so known and loved for. What it does mean is that you're learning the precious significance of tact and timing when it comes to delivering your truth serum. You're also learning how important it is to truly take into consideration the point of view of the other in order for the highest level of communication to flourish.

The intense levels of personal transformation that began in 2013 will only get stronger and deeper this year. You are getting to know yourself on such a profoundly intimate level that there will be no room for any kind of self-deception or even subtle psychological betrayal. Self-knowledge is uber powerful. You're a living testament to know-thyself wisdom after surviving Saturn's tour through the basement of your psyche since October of 2012. This is the year to apply all that you've learned in the realm of personal partnerships. Now that you are very clear on your own lines in the sand and what you will and will not tolerate, your value in the eyes of others is sure to skyrocket.

Leo Love

Leo, 2014 is filled with so much luck and opportunity for you that love is sure to be a huge part of the mix. The lessons that began in late 2012 around emotional and sexual intimacy are only getting deeper in 2014. Chances are, you're already in the throes of a very powerful relationship in order to reveal all of the complex layers that only relationships can mirror. If you happen to be single, your friendships are certainly a source of depth and intimacy for you to bridge the gap until your next romantic encounter. Of course, it's quite rare for a Leo to go for very long before falling madly in love all over again. And besides, this year you're simply in love with life all around!

This is a year to return to your childlike spirit when it comes to love and romance. If you've been taking yourself or your love life a bit too seriously, you can rectify that situation by getting back into a playful mode. You're at your best when you live from your heart and allow your silly side to shine. After all, you're just a big kid at your core and that's exactly what others find the most attractive about you, Leo.

You may feel more domestic and less romantic during the first half of the year, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. You're still in a bit of a self-nurturing mode until July, when Jupiter comes out of your house of retreat and brings major abundance to the relationship axis of your horoscope. Your generous and big-hearted tendencies are about to become exaggerated in an irresistible way starting this summer. The only downfall to this big Jupiter transit is that you may feel so invincible you forget to be gracious in moments when a little humility might be necessary. If you remember to cultivate gratitude for this fabulous windfall of prosperity on all levels, you won't have to suffer that inevitable fall from grace. Keep love at the forefront of all you do, and spoil the ones you adore. If pride threatens your love buzz, simply say no and get back to what you do best: radiating your passionate and gigantic heart!

Leo Career

You're the golden child in 2014, Leo! This is your year to make your next big mark on the world and take your rightful spot in the spotlight. Everything you've been working on for the past 12 years is ready for the pay-off zone! You'll feel a colossal boost in status kick-in starting in July when Jupiter enters your stars. This is a time when you've got luck on your side. Expansion and risk-taking are favored because you've got the support of guardian angel planet surrounding you with blissful fortune and divine protection. If you've been playing small in any way with your career, you'll quickly see how crazy and out of touch that mentality is with your true potential. You were born for greatness and the fiery side of your personality is dying to blaze its own trail this year. Don't wait around for permission from another. You're the leader of the pack; it's just a matter of stepping into those bigger shoes. Courage is your middle name now.

Travel becomes an important component in furthering your career this year. You're ready to expand your kingdom. Don't turn down any opportunities for travel. You'll be astonished at how many connections you make just by traveling abroad under the strong Jupiter influence. It's as though your luck doubles just by crossing the pond. Plus, the wanderlust is so overwhelming it will make it hard to stay focused on work when confined to a limited setting. This is the year to expand your personal and professional horizons (and the two are interchangeable).

Communication is a key theme in your career as the Nodes of Fate move into your mental zones early in the year. You'll be called to pay attention to the way you put yourself out into the world via social networking sites, email, websites, blogs, etc. Your image in the world of social media plays a huge part in taking you to the next level with your professional reputation. Choose every word, photo and message with utmost care. The social media world is paying close attention to your every move. Ban those drunken party photos from your newsfeed!

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