moon - [moon] - /mun/

1. the earth's natural satellite, orbiting the earth at a mean distance of 238,857 miles (384,393 km) and having a diameter of 2160 miles (3476 km).
2. this body during a particular lunar month, or during a certain period of time, or at a certain point of time, regarded as a distinct object or entity. Compare full moon, half-moon, new moon, waning moon, waxing moon.
3. a lunar month, or, in general, a month.
4. any planetary satellite: the moons of Jupiter.
5. something shaped like an orb or a crescent.
6. moonlight.
7. a platyfish.
8. Slang. the buttocks, especially when bared.

Verb (used without object)
9. to act or wander abstractedly or listlessly: You've been mooning about all day.
10. to sentimentalize or remember nostalgically: He spent the day mooning about his lost love.
11. to gaze dreamily or sentimentally at something or someone: They sat there mooning into each other's eyes.
12. Slang. to expose one's buttocks suddenly and publicly as a prank or gesture of disrespect.

Verb (used with object)
13. to spend (time) idly: to moon the afternoon away.
14. to illuminate by or align against the moon.
15. Slang. to expose one's buttocks to as a prank or gesture of disrespect.

16. blue moon, a very long period of time: Such a chance comes once in a blue moon.

before 900; Middle English mone, Old English mōna;  cognate with Old High German māno, Old Norse māni, Gothic mena;  akin to German Mond  moon, Latin mēnsis  month, Greek mḗnē  moon, Sanskrit māsa  moon, month

Example Sentences
The space agency crashed a satellite on the moon  in a search for water.
Of course, you do not have to go to the moon  to find cold, dark and   inhospitable growing conditions.
Some people believe tonight's full moon  will have a loony effect on human and   animal behavior.
In the race to explore space, there may be a new moon  on the rise.
Peppered around lava flats and mountaintops all over the moon  are strange sinuous shapes known as lunar swirls.
Fold the other half of the tortilla over the filling, to make a half moon  shape.
The moon  may be shrinking, but it's still a big enough ball of fun to warrant its own night in the limelight.
Plain, stocky sandpipers, they can fly a distance equivalent to a trip to the moon  and back over the course of their lifetimes.
The moon  is pockmarked with cold, wet oases that could contain enough water ice to be useful to manned missions.
The foundation has already put up prizes in areas as diverse as cleaning up oil spills and landing a robot on the moon .

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