lad·der - [lad-er] - /ˈlædər/

1. a structure of wood, metal, or rope, commonly consisting of two sidepieces between which a series of bars or rungs are set at suitable distances, forming a means of climbing up or down.
2. something resembling this.
3. a means of rising, as to eminence: the ladder of success.
4. a graded series of stages or levels in status; a hierarchical order of position or rank: high on the political ladder.
5. Nautical , companionway (  def 1 ) .
6. Chiefly British . a run in a stocking.

Verb (used with object)
7. to climb or mount by means of a ladder: to ladder a wall.
8. to furnish with a ladder: to ladder a water tower.
9. Chiefly British . to cause a run in (a stocking).

Verb (used without object)
10. Chiefly British . to get a run, as in a stocking.
11. to gain in popularity or importance: He laddered to the top of his profession.

before 1000; Middle English laddre, Old English hlǣder;  cognate with German Leiter, Dutch leer  (also ladder  < Fris); akin to Gothic hleithra  tent; orig., something that slopes.

Can be confused: ladder, latter.

Example Sentences:
Raise the ladder  so the top is about three feet above the edge of the roof.
The higher up the ladder  you climb, the more important writing becomes.
During this part of the study, they were presented with a drawing of a ladder   with ten rungs on it.
Converting an unused ladder  into a drying rack lets you get more mileage from   something you might otherwise discard.
But they would rather take the ladder  away and throw a stone instead of offering a helping hand.
To strengthen a wall, and perhaps a corner as well, add ladder  wire every other course and under the top course.
But there's a price to pay for moving up the administrative ladder .
The next generation is making its way up the ladder .
How far has the philosophy of biology fallen that every step back up the logic ladder  is met accolades and hailed as original.
And homemade versions are several notches higher on the gourmet ladder .

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