kit·ten - [kit-n] /ˈkɪtn/

1. a young cat.

Verb (used with object), verb (used without object)
2. (of cats) to give birth; bear.

1350–1400; Middle English kitoun,  apparently blend of kiteling kitling and Middle French chitoun,  variant of chaton  kitten

Example Sentences:
But she is perfectly natural, and while perfectly amoral, no more immoral than a bird or a kitten -Times.
Everybody loves a puppy or kitten , well almost everybody.
Kitten  food, with its even higher protein and fat levels, is even less   appropriate for dogs.
He gave the names of all her animals-the bunny, the kitten , the puppy.
The kitten  was not tested but is suspected to have died of rabies.
To my surprise, there he stood, with a kitten  in his hands.
He didn't give up and kept looking and found the kitten  hidden in the trailer bay.
The current case involves a six-month old, unvaccinated kitten  that bit his owner.
They should form a circle and join hands around the kitten .

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