Not Receiving E-mails

We frequently get E-mails and support requests from our visitors about not having received any replies to their emails or support ticket(s).  

We answer EVERY email and support ticket, so if you don’t get a reply from us it means that the E-mail has been swallowed up somewhere along the line.  Here are the most common causes we have discovered:

Spam filters have dumped our replies in a client’s spam folder, blocked them from getting through, or just plain deleted them.  We have know way of knowing if this has happened until we get a complaint from a visitor saying we haven’t replied to their emails or support ticket(s).

Emails have been bounced by the client’s email server for some reason, usually because their E-mail Inbox is full.

Emails have been bounced by the client’s email server because the server suddenly doesn’t know who they are.  In these cases we usually try to re-send the email and, after 2 or 3 attempts, it often (finally) gets through.

The client’s email address has a typo in it and so it doesn’t get delivered to them.

Please remember, unless you’re actually a spammer yourself, we WILL answer your email and typically within 24 hours (or less).  

If you don’t receive a reply from us, we are NOT ignoring you.   It means that something has happened to our reply after it has left our mail server.

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