50 RMB Rebate Offer - 50元退款优惠

This is very simple and easy. 

1.You refer a new student to Dialect Zone International.

2.The new student signs up to become a Dialect Zone International student.

3.Receive a voucher/rebate worth 50 (fifty) RMB.

a.You will receive 1 (one) voucher/rebate per referral.

i.Example: If you refer 1 (one) new student you'll be issued 1 (one) 50 (fifty) RMB voucher/rebate.

ii.Example: if you refer 2 (two) new students you'll be issued 2 (two) 50 (fifty) RMB vouchers/rebates.

iii.Example: if you refer 10 (ten) new students you'll be issued 10 (ten) 50 (fifty) RMB vouchers/rebates.


b.Voucher/rebate will have to be verified upon redemption.

i.Example: if you have 2 (two) vouchers/rebates, the serial numbers will be a validated upon redemption.

ii.Note: Vouchers/rebates must be physically redeemed (HANDED IN / RETURNED) in order to receive qualified amount. ****

4.You may use the voucher/rebate towards your next tuition payment.

Please note that the voucher/rebate has no cash value, and is not transferable. 

Also, lost or stolen voucher(s)/rebates(s) will not be reissued.

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