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light bulb


light bulb -  [lahyt buhlb] - /laɪt bʌlb/

1. an electric light.

Sometimes shortened to: bulb  a glass bulb containing a gas, such as argon or nitrogen, at low pressure and enclosing a thin metal filament that emits light when an electric current is passed through it


Example Sentences:
The common incandescent light bulb  will soon become a lot less common.
He has often told me that the light bulb  came back on the day he started   consuming medium-chain fatty acids.
The new material could be used to make a novel type of organic light bulb .
Most of that ends up as heat, so you warm a room as much as a bright light bulb .
Touching a picture of a light bulb  lit up an actual bulb.
There is nothing else in the room-except a bare light bulb  on the ceiling, well out of reach.
Second, the light bulb  gives light in all directions so you only see a small part of the whole.
The same applies to as simple a thing as a light bulb .
They are to regular conductors what a laser beam is to a light bulb .
So you are better of using an efficient light bulb  to generate light and an efficient heat source to generate heat.

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